Sunday, 13 November 2011

Steak sandwich

Keeley wanted a steak sandwich for dinner tonight so that's what he got. Have to say, it did hit the spot.

What I did...

400g rump steak
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Caramelised onion
Bellbird bakery rye/wheat toasted
Grilled asparagus

Rub the rump steak with olive oil, thyme and salt and pepper. Heat a heavy based pan and add the steak, turning once after about 3-4 minutes. Rest for 10 minutes. While the steak is resting carmelise the onions in the same pan.
Toast the bread and spread the mayo on one piece and the chutney on the other.
Slice the steak against the grain, slice the tomato and rip of a hunk of iceberg. Add the onions on top of the chutney, then the sliced steak, tomato and the iceberg followed by the other slice of toast.

I served it with some grilled asparagus and then chowed down with my hands - messy but totally worth it!

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